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Fascinating creatures these dragons. Some are intelligent, others simply mean to create havoc, some you can ride and other you can train and all of them can cook their own food. Yet with Disney Magic Kingdoms hack you won't exactly be invading Westeros riding on the back of one. You'll be that weird cousin that prefers to breed them. That's not to say there won't be fighting though.

Disney Magic Kingdoms hack comes from developer Social Point. It was meant as a Facebook game and later it made its way on Android and iOS. You'll find it devoid of a narrative but what it lacks in story it makes up in farming and the large number of dragon types you can come up with, over 150 of them.

The gameplay is rather straight forward. You'll be in the business of hatching eggs and building habitats for your new flock (brood? horde?) of flying flame throwers, feed them, increase their numbers and come up with new breeds. During this process you will be acquiring currency (gold), through your most successful experiments, your well-bred dragons. You'll also gain levels which will unlock other options. Oh yes, all this takes place on floating islands, because if your pets can fly, why not?

The tutorials do a pretty good job at carrying you through the initial actions of the game but your start-up amount of currency is rather unbalanced and before you know it, you'll be broke. There are different ways in which to go about solving this issue. You can either complete quests (which are pretty standard for this genre and can become tiresome at some point), exercise patience and wait for your creatures to create some gold (the amount depends on their breed and level), or help your friends in-game (altruistic but with a profit to boot!). Gold is needed to buy new habitats and eggs to hatch and they can be quite pricey. They are dragons after all.

Once you reach level 10, another type of fun starts, one that had no foreshadowing whatsoever from the game developers. You will finally be able to enjoy some PvP and put those fat parasites to work. You can attack other islands owned by players and try and conquer them. There's little penalty in losing though since your pets are basically immortal so your army stays the same. If you win however you gain gems, which any fantasy reader on the planet will tell you, are more precious than gold.

There's enough fun to be had with Brawl Stars hack, whether you plan to keep them on the farm and watch them develop into healthy adults or picture yourself to be Aegon the Conqueror and roast your opponents. The graphics are lively colored but not too flashy and if you get bored with one type of action, there is enough diversity to keep you busy.
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